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The industry’s old challenges remain:training;pay; staff retention; budget cuts; recognition. But there are new, or at least more prominant elements entering the equation. Politically, the last year has seen hospital hygiene climb the agenda, with government proposing ‘deep cleans’as the prescribed medicine. But as they say in the medical profession, prevention is better than cure.

Heavy floods saw many equipment companies’ warehouses emptied of recovery equipment stock, resources stretched and raised serious questions about our ability to cope should the floods become regular.

Whether or not the weather patterns are part of a natural cycle, or something more worrying, divides opinion. But business now seems keener on ‘green’ solutions – a new challenge for the industry which some are embracing more than others. Fundamentally though, business is about making profit. Those that combine more sustainable products with cost savings will find their own coffers swelling.

The organisations and companies covered within this guide have the collective expertise, resources and products to help provide solutions some of the problems we face. In light of which, I trust you will find this guide a useful reference tool.

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